Advancing wellness through automated medical solutions.

The medical devices industry encompasses a wide range of equipment, instruments and implants for monitoring, diagnostics, and therapeutics. These devices vary in complexity and function, ranging from simple instruments like thermometers and syringes to advanced technologies such as MRI machines and implantable devices.

With the advancements in technology, the medical device manufacturing has shifted towards automation and the industry is driven by innovation.

In recent decades, the advent of robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and IoT technologies has accelerated innovation in the medical industry, enabling the development of increasingly sophisticated and customised devices to improve patients’ health and quality of life. All these tools have revolutionased medical practice, enabling more precise diagnoses, less invasive surgeries, and more effective treatments.

Medical device manufacturers work in a high-stakes industry: precision, speed, and reliability of processing are essential requirements.
Osai works together with the clients from the conception to the design and the implementation of automation system solutions for medical applications.

Osai offers systems dedicated to the specific needs of each customer, developing ad-hoc solutions from batteries for implantable systems to surgical instruments, neurostimulators and heart valves.

Syringe For Parkinson Disease Automatic Inspection and Assembly Cell

Laser system for
efficient processing

DM 1

Class1 Laser processing system with
800mm diameter rotary table

DM 2

This all-in-one system, thanks to the
retractable wheels can be easily moved

DM 2c

High productivity system for welding
of cylindrical components

FineWeld 100R

Controlled Enviroment
Laser Welding Station

Laser Welding Glovebox

Class 1 Laser system designed for
cutting biological tissue

NeoMed Cut

Laser welding of polymers
for mass production

FinePlast 140R

Laboratory equipment for
Laser cutting

FineCut 100

High accuracy system for
Laser cutting

FineCut 200