Jewellery & Fashion.

Jewellery & Fashion.

Technological systems supporting tradition and craftsmanship.

The Jewellery & Fashion machinery industry is an essential sector that provides specialized equipment and machinery for the production, processing, and finishing of jewellery pieces and fashion products. Within this industry, a diverse range of machinery is available to cater to the unique needs of designers and manufacturers. These machines encompass various functions such as cutting, engraving, perforating, dye sublimation, and metal refining.

One of the defining features of Jewellery & Fashion machinery is its precision and ability to handle intricate designs. Manufacturers in this industry are able to create customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of jewellery and fashion production.

Automation and robotics are increasingly being integrated into jewellery and fashion machinery to streamline production processes and improve efficiency.

Quality control is paramount in the Jewellery & Fashion industry due to the high value and craftsmanship associated with jewellery pieces or fashion products. Machinery manufacturers incorporate features for quality assurance, such as precise measurement tools and inspection systems, to ensure the integrity of the finished products.

Collaboration between machinery manufacturers and goldsmiths drives innovation in the industry also for the demand of recovery gold: discover more about RE4M- Recycling for Manufacturing.

Jewellery & Fashion machinery industry plays a crucial role in enabling the creation of exquisite jewelry pieces and fashion items, combining traditional craftsmanship with technology to meet the evolving needs of the global jewellery fashion market.

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Laser system for
efficient processing

DM 1

Class1 Laser processing system with
800mm diameter rotary table

DM 2

This all-in-one system, thanks to the
retractable wheels can be easily moved

DM 2c

High productivity system for welding
of cylindrical components

FineWeld 100R

Laboratory equipment for
Laser cutting

FineCut 100

High accuracy system for
Laser cutting

FineCut 200