Home Appliance.

Home Appliance.

Solutions for empowering homes, simplifying life.

Having the latest technology and experience means that we are able to continue innovating meanwhile consumers lifestyles and technological advancements evolve.

Osai is constantly working on introducing smart and efficient solutions with advanced features for testing and assembling equipped.

Home appliances industry encompasses a broad range of products designed to assist with household tasks, improve comfort, and enhance convenience within residential settings.
Integration with IoT technology enables remote monitoring and control via smartphone apps and voice assistants. Appliances with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allow for seamless integration with smart home ecosystems and enhanced user convenience. Innovations such as touchscreen interfaces, sensor technology, self-cleaning functions, and adaptive cooking algorithms enhance appliance functionality and user experience.

The manufacturing of home appliances involves several production processes thank to advanced machinery and automation technologies to optimize efficiency, minimize waste, and ensure constant product quality.

Stringent quality control measures are implemented throught the manufacturing process to ensure that appliances meet industry standards and customer experience. This includes testing components, conducting performance test, and inspecting finished products for defect or malfunctions.

Osai strives to deliver high quality, reliable, and in-house products; customized services for tailor made solutions.

Mass Production Test
Handler for MEMS

Lab-scale solutions for
MEMS sensors testing

Smoke Detectors Assembly Line is a fully automatic assembling line

Laser system for
efficient processing

DM 1

Class1 Laser processing system with
800mm diameter rotary table

DM 2

This all-in-one system, thanks to the
retractable wheels can be easily moved

DM 2c

High productivity system for welding
of cylindrical components

FineWeld 100R