LASER Marking.

LASER Marking.

Integration of sources for marking systems.

Osai started working with Laser with the integration of sources for marking systems. Thirty years later, we have the experience to provide laser marking systems suitable for different processes, regardless of the sector in which you company operates.

Osai is specialized in micromachining. Depending on the properties of the material to be machined and the machining objective itself, and key processing parameters such as Laser power, Laser pulse repetition rate, scanning speed, focusing lens type and substrate material, Osai identifies the most suitable Laser source to integrate into the process.

DM 1

Laser system for
efficient processing

DM 2

Class1 Laser processing system with
800mm diameter rotary table

DM 2c

This all-in-one system, thanks to the
retractable wheels can be easily moved