Automatic Assembly Lines.

Automatic Assembly Lines.

Smart solutions for lean manufacturing.

Osai manufactures automatic assembly lines for every specific need of each customer, by developing ad-hoc solutions. These lines operate on the concept of modularity with stations dedicated to each step of production process. The modular approach to custom automation is a key factor of our machines, in which we optimize construction times, design and investments.

Osai creates collaborative and innovative solutions by merging various integration of advanced robotic systems, the IoT and machine learning to increase intelligent and autonomous production systems, which are easy-to-use, reliable, and versatile.

Osai offers turnkey solutions with installation, start-up and trainings carried out by skilled personnel. Explore Osai’s extensive range of solutions:

Smoke Detectors Assembly Line is a fully automatic assembling line

Valve Flow Solenoid for
Dual Clutch Gear Assembly Line

Electronic Water Pump
Assembly Line

Electronic Central Unit Assembling
and Testing Line

Solutions for Power
Devices Production